Want to add more value to your body composition service?

A powerful NEW online platform for clients to view their InBody results and take their experience to the next level.  

A platform designed to help InBody owners make their data work harder and allow their busineses to become more successful.  

The message from our own clients was loud & clear. They wanted to see their progress and they wanted it online. So we gave it to them!  

Are you ready to give your clients what they want?

Use the My Body Results online platform and your clients get…

 ✔︎ 24/7 online access to results 

✔︎ Access via Desktop/ Tablet/ Smart Phone

✔︎ Over 30 seperate measurements/ calculations displayed in progress graphs

✔︎ More motivation to have their next scan

and no more…

Printing extra copies when clients lose their results

Printing second copies for Personal Trainers

Laying printouts side by side to see progress

Not being able to see Fat Mass changes at a glance

Take control of your data and get it working for your business today!

Search Filter and Sort

Search and Sort through every bit of data in seconds by date, age, gender, location, number of scans plus more.

Send Emails

Start building a client database and send emails reminders to clients. Create your own email templates.  

Progress or Single result view 

15 graphs to track client progress with 33 measurements (incl. fat mass, visceral fat, segmental analysis, water), or view individual scans results, just like the printout.

Integrated Interpretations

Drop down boxes which include a further interpretation of the results. Also includes a visceral fat explanation video.

Assign data to specific locations

Segment your data and assign it to a specific gym location. 

Assign 3rd party access

Give a PT or gym manager access to all their own clients scans. 

Plus an added Daily Calorie Expenditure calculator based on BMR and Fat Mass Index calculations!

A customisable platform designed to suit the look and feel of businesses... for you, and your corporate customers.

INSTANT Challenge Reports

Scanning clients for a fitness challenge?

𝙓 Stop wasting hours of precious time and money using spreadsheets to determine Challenge winners.


Why be like this?

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